Fireball is a Premium Liquid Nano Ceramic Glass Shield Protection that once cured becomes a Hardened Self-Healing Surface using “Chemical Reaction Hard-Shell Synthesis Technology”. Our Coating Technology is unlike any other coating on the market. Fireball also leads the industry with some of the Highest-Grade Professional Car Care Cosmetics intended for the Most demanding Customers.

Thanks to perfectly selecting The Earth’s Finest Raw Materials & ingredients, the use of innovative Technologies in the production Process and thousands of hours of testing – Fireball products set Trends in the world of Technology and Science. Achieving Solutions from our cutting-edge advancements in the very complex Surface Protection Process.


Fireball Korea is also known as one of the largest manufacturers of specialist car detailing products in the world. Since beginning in Korea in 2002 – Fireball now exports products to approximately 20 countries across the globe and growing fast.

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Photos taken during our first International Distributors meeting and factory tour at Fireball Korea

Fireballs heavy investment in their research and development has led to a new factory being built in 2019 in Busan, South Korea (Stage 1), with the manufacturing capacity of approximately 80,000L per day. (Stage 2) has already been started and when it comes online, it will increase Fireball’s manufacturing capacity up to 200,000L per day.

Fireball Korea continues working hard to develop the absolute best car detailing solutions in the industry. One of the unique benefits of Fireball (apart from the amazing results of their products) is the eco-friendly side of the formulas. All of Fireball products are developed using neutral products – no alkaline or acids. There are no dangerous goods when it comes to Fireball.

Fireball is also in a pretty unique position we not only offer hobbyist grade maintenance and protection products but also offer the world’s best Hard-Shell Ceramic Coatings to professionals with Qualified skills as an installer with the proper credentials to earn a Certification to install our premier line of coatings. Our investment in technology and Research and Development allows the two products to work side by side and produce the best possible result on your surfaces, vehicles and investments.

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