• 2 Year Durability

  • Offers Entry Level Protection

  • Adds High Levels Of Gloss

  • High Chemical Resistance

  • Comparative To Top Tier Competitor Offerings

Fireball’s entry level coating & has a factory backed Guarantee for 2 years. Aegis+ contains over 76% Si02 & Si glass ceramic compounds made from five different types of Si02, which is higher in Si02 than most of our competitor’s products on the market.

Aegis+ also contains 2.5%+ Titanium.

We recommend Aegis+ for those who want a quality coating while on a budget.

Aegis+ is a good all-round coating and can also be used on interiors and leather.

Note* (Perfect for Vinyl/PPF wrapped Vehicles)

Coating Aegis Properties

Aegis can only be purchased and installed by a Fireball Certified Installer.

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