BUG CLEANER 500ml – RRP$33.45


Easy removal of bugs, tar and sap.

Safe enzyme based product breaks down proteins.

Safe on most surfaces.

Enzyme and not solvent-based bug remover: safe on PPF, coatings, plastic trims etc. Cleaner with added proteolytic Enzymes which can quickly and safely breakdown dissolve proteins from bugs and other bio contents, making washing a breeze. Fireball Bug cleaner is one of the most impressive products in our product line up.

Unlike other Bug & Tar removers out on the market our Bug Cleaner is a Solvent-Free product, making it completely safe for use on most any automotive exterior surfaces. Bug Cleaner is a concentrated Bug & Insect removing spray & wash cleaner. You can use it full strength without damaging anything, or you can dilute  up to 1:10 Dilution Ratio to make a ready to use economical bug remover. The great thing about Bug Cleaner is that it will do all of the labour intensive work of removing bugs for you.

Directions for use:

Simply wet down the surfaces of your car containing bugs by spraying off as many of the bugs as you can with a water hose.

Treat the wet surfaces with your mixture of Bug Off by spraying it directly onto the surface, brushing it on with a soft paint friendly brush.

Wait 20-30 seconds and watch the bugs begin to literally fall Off without even scrubbing.

After a minute has passed, simply rinse off the treated areas with water and you are done!

Note: Don’t allow Bug Cleaner or any other chemical for that matter, to dry on the surface.