GLASS 4L – RRP$126.99


Fresh Citrus Scent.

Powerful Formula Cuts through Dirt, Dust, Grease, Grime and other Film Contaminants.

Cleans and Lubricates without Streaking or Smearing.

Provides Added Clarity.

Suitable for All Surfaces including Tinted Windows, Phones and Tablet Screens.

No spirits or Ammonia, for inside and out.

Fireball’s Glass is a high performance glass cleaner that effortlessly removes dirt, bugs and contaminants effortlessly, resulting in sparkling and streak free windows.

Directions for use:

Spray the glass cleaner a few times on the area to be cleaned and distribute it.

Wipe the area with a short-pile towel with medium pressure until dry.

Note: Repeat the steps 3 to 4 times if the glass is heavily soiled.