HYDRO FOAM 4L – RRP$232.62


pH7 Neutral – Paintwork Safe.

Hydrophobic boost for paintwork , glasses & wheels.

Is easily applied through a snow foam lance attached to a pressure washer.

Creates thick, clinging foam which rinses away to leave a hydrophobic finish.

Causes dirty water & contamination to bead away from treated surfaces.

Concentrated formula: Dilutes up to 1:10~15.

Water-Repellency In The FOAM !

New Hydro Foam adds hydrophobic protection to your weekly maintenance wash.

Having hydrophobic protection on your vehicle encourages water-borne dirt and contamination to slide away, rather than stick. Treated surfaces stay looking cleaner for longer and because dirt doesn’t bond as readily, cleaning the car is much easier!

Designed to work on its own or to boost existing wax or sealant layers, Simply spray it on with a foam lance and allow to dwell for around 30-60 seconds, then rinse and watch the water bead away from the surface.

Directions for use:

Pour 60ml – 90ml into the 1000ml Foam Lance and fill up with water and foam over vehicle.

Let dwell for 1-3 minutes, then pressure wash off thoroughly. Dry vehicle.

* To prevent staining, please kindly follow manufacturer dilution ratio and use on cool surfaces only. Do not let to dry on surfaces.