NAPPA CLEANER 500ml – RRP$36.45


70% Cleaner- 30% Conditioner/Protectant.

Safely removes contaminants from plastics to soft leather (pH Neutral)

Fantastic scent leaves vehicles smell fresh.

Leaves surfaces with original type finishes.

Prevents electrostatic build-up.

Nappa Cleaner High Performance Interior Cleaner (pH Neutral)

Nappa Cleaner is an all in one leather conditioner, protectant and cleaner, safe on vinyl-based leather, dashboard, plastics, wood trim, and piano black finishes.  If the surface is soiled, spray and agitate with a horse hair brush and wipe off.  For conditioning: spray, spread and let it sit for a few minutes before buffing.  Product will leave The original matte appearance of the dashboard and plastic components are preserved with no glare, oily or slick surfaces. Prevents electro-static build-up which repels dust while leaving behind a fresh, pleasant scent.

Over time, your interior components take a beating from passengers and collect dust and grime– Protect your investment and make your leather, vinyl, and plastics easier to clean for months! Harmful UV rays are detrimental to your dashboard, door panels, and seats– Protect them & extend the life of your investment.

This formula is designed to restore museum quality leather, plastics, and vinyl. The long lasting formula increases depth and colour. This non-greasy, matte-finish formula leaves your car interior looking and feeling better for months on end!

Directions for use:

Spray on Fireball’s Nappa Brush, Foam detailer pad or Microfiber cloth.

Scrub or wipe over contaminated areas until clean.

Wipe over with a clean microfiber cloth.