REBORN 500ml – RRP$37.95


Effective removal of oil.

Fast and easy to use.

Effective cleaning power.

Wont damage paintwork.

Reborn is a wax, polish, oils residue remover, ensuring the panel is 100% naked and clean to ensure coating adhesion.  All the panels need is a simple spray and wipe.  Also great as a paint inspection spray during polishing, making sure what you’re seeing is what you’re getting without any oils and fillers obstructing the finish.  

Reborn is a pre-treatment agent applied on surfaces prior to using solid waxes or coating agents, to remove oil film and pollutants.

Directions for Use:

Shake well before using the product.

Spray moderate amount on the areas to be cleaned.

After spraying, wipe the areas immediately with microfiber towel, until the surfaces are well cleaned.

After finishing above steps, apply waxes or coating agents