Powerful Cleaning Power.

Highly Concentrated 1:1000.

pH Neutral 7.

Rich Foaming.

Coating & Wax Safe.

Excellent Lubrication Effect.

Fireball Pearl Shampoo is a highly concentrated pH Neutral car shampoo with a wax safe feature, that provides a rich foam & excellent lubrication. This product also removes pollutants on coating quickly and easily without damage paintwork or coating. Contains Titanium Oxide for UV protection and helping to keep car clean and reduces the risk of water spotting.

Directions for use:

Rinse the car thoroughly with water.

Dilute highly concentrated shampoo with water at 1:1000 ratio (Example : use 10ml per 10L of water or 15ml per 15L for Fireball Wash Bucket)

Pour the shampoo into the Fireball Wash Bucket to the correct dilution ratio. Make bubbles with high-pressure water or hose, then wash with pad or mitt to clean the car, Do not let shampoo dry on the surface before rinsing.

After washing rinse with high-pressure water then dry with a drying towel.