TIRE SIO2 (JANUS) 4L – RRP$263.62


Provides a high gloss finish for tyres & plastic trims.

Durable – lasts weeks, not days.

Repels dirty water, keeping tyres looking cleaner for longer.

Easy to use, spray on formulation.

Hydrophobic properties.

Supplied with FREE tire pad.

Difference between the Gloss, Satin and Janus tire dressings is sheen.  Janus is Fireball’s super high gloss alternative for those who want more than the original gloss version, which also has a slight pearl added.

SiO2 is Fireball’s forte, so they’ve infused it into tire protectants also, making it actually last and not wash off as quickly as other water-based tire dressings.  SiO2 also helps repel dust, dirt and rain with its strong hydrophobic properties, along with UV fading, preventing your tires turning all white and chalky.

Tire (Janus) is Si02-based tire care product which provides a different effect when seen in bright and dark environments. The oil-based products provides high durability, provides anti-contamination characteristics and a great water repellent effect. The super-premium high-enriched tire care product contains a pearl, to provide an artistic sense beyond simple tire care product.

Directions for use:

Squeeze moderate amount of Tire (Janus) on a tire pad.

Apply evenly with tire pad or applicator

In case of applying too much, wipe off partially with tire applicator or apply on other tires.

* Let tire wax dry set completely before driving to eliminate product slinging off tires.