TRIM & TIRE (Water based SiO2) 4L – RRP$232.62


New Look Finish.

50-70% SiO2.

Durable finish on Tires, Rubbers and Plastics.

Hydrophobic Properties.

Repels dirty water, keeping rubbers and plastics looking pristine.

Based on water and high content of SiO2.

Ultimate Trim & Tire is ideal for outer plastic and rubber elements. Immediately refreshes the surface and restores the colour depth. It is very easy to process as it has been created on the basis of water. It offers very good hydrophobic properties, facilitates self-cleaning and protects against UV rays.


Shake well before use. Apply to a microfiber cloth or applicator and spread on the previously cleaned surface. For plastic elements, wipe the excess with a dry microfiber cloth. For tires, let the product dry on the entire surface after uniform distribution.