• Up To 1+ Year Durability

  •  Super-hydrophobic Nano-ceramic ⁠Topper-Added Protection

  •  Insane Slickness Unlike Anything Else ⁠

  •  Excellent Self-Cleaning

  •  Multi-layerable for added protection

  •  Alternative between wax and coating

  •  Highest Levels of Depth & Gloss on the Market

Typhoon+ coating is Fireball’s Super-Hydrophobic coating Topper that has a durability of up to 12 months. Typhoon+ contains over 70% Si & Si02. Typhoon+ also contains approximately 2.5% Titanium. Typhoon+ can be applied to glass-work or as a topper onto any paintwork coating from our range (Excluding Dok Do), to give a super slick and outstanding water repellent finish.

Mainly used in areas with high rainfall and/or dirty water areas, where water removal is desirable to keep surfaces cleaner. The main task of the Typhoon+ coating is to give the protected surface exceptional hydrophobic properties, gloss, slickness and better self-cleaning properties

Coating Typhoon Properties